Turnaround Services

Satellite turnaround services are utilized during transmissions between the earth and the satellites that are in space. Transmissions are sent down to earth in a process referred to as the downlink and received within the ground station which then processes it. In cases where the transmission is being sent the other way round from the station on the ground to the satellite that is up in space, the process is referred to as an uplink. Generally, these transmissions are not direct and they usually need to actually be directed and focused towards the next destination. This is where the turnaround service comes in.


How Turnaround Services Work


In order to facilitate effective uplink and downlink services, three major types of frequency bands are used. These are the C band, the Ku band, and the Ka-band. Turnaround services are required because every transmission travels in a straight line. As such, it needs to be turned around in order to reach its intended destination. Usually, the turnaround service provider like The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks directly receives the signal from one satellite, and then immediately retransmits it to another satellite.

This is effectively done without unpacking the packets or otherwise adjusting them in any way. As such, the transmission is redirected without any changes whatsoever. When transmitting and receiving data to and from different countries, numerous satellites are used in order for the transmissions to reach their destination point. The company, therefore, provides earth stations that are professionally managed by experts, in order to provide 24-hour turnaround services to its multi-national clientele.


Types of Turnaround Services


There are two types of turnaround services for satellite broadcasting companies. These are:


  • Permanent/ continuous satellite turnaround service.

  • Occasional use satellite turnaround service.


Generally, both of these types of turnaround services are made use of globally for television broadcasts. Occasional use of satellite turnaround services is used to transmit video signals in digital form, for fixed durations at a time. These services may be required from the satellite company occasionally for definite periods on a specific date, or on several dates which are pre-scheduled within the same period of time. On the other hand, a client may require the service on a full-time basis for a definite and pre-determined period e.g. a month. There is, therefore, a high level of flexibility in order to suit every client's needs.


This comprehensive turnaround service is ideal for the live broadcast of news, special is, therefore, an added security measure that is put in place to effectively eliminate piracy on pay-TV networks.events and even sports, on a multi-national scale. In broadcasting, encryption and encoding are also useful services. Encryption is required whenever a certain transmission is specifically targeted towards a specific group of users. It is mainly used for pay television, where access is granted on condition that certain payments are made.


For turnaround services to be developed and offered in a comprehensive and effective manner, all services have to be client-centered. The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks recognizes this and provides support to all clients whenever they need it. In addition, all turnaround stations are monitored and maintained 24 hours a day, to ensure that there is no downtime, and consequently, no interruption to broadcasts. For increased efficiency, these services are seamlessly linked with both the company's fiber and satellite services.

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