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All in the Timing: Satellite SNG Services

When time is of the essence, such as is the case with breaking news or sporting events, and your broadcast or communication simply needs to hit the air in a timely manner, a key consideration is a professional and responsive Satellite News Gathering (SNG) service. SNG services help provide the equipment, technology, and resources you need to get to the news and get that news on the air.

What you Need to Know about SNG Services


When you find yourself in the position of seeking SNG Services, there are some considerations to bear in mind. First and foremost, always consider the reputation and level of expertise. While there may be several SNG services available to you, not all can meet the broadcasting demands efficiently, effectively, or with top-flight expertise.


Local SNG providers aren't always the best option. Global organizations, such as The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks, have years of experience and the latest in sophisticated broadcasting equipment to serve any need. Each of their mobile SNG units utilizes KA, KU, and C band satellites for your data transfer requirements. They also offer multi-format playout solutions as well as the crew to assure your coverage is ideal. Their hands-on, professional, and experienced customer support team is ready and able to deliver the services specifically tailored to your unique requirements. With quick and responsive assistance, the team is available 24/7 to provide the needed support and information.

What Other Considerations are There?


When considering any broadcasting service provider, whether 3D TV, HDTV, or Transmission Delay services, it is always best to go with a provider who is experienced in all aspects of the ever-changing broadcasting services field. While you may not need all of their services initially, in time as your company grows and expectations increase, you will have already established a professional working partnership with a provider capable of serving your growing needs. Rather than piece-meal services, you can create a package designed specifically for your needs without having to manage several vendor relationships.


Production services may not be a current need for your company, but knowing that your SNG partner will be able to provide you with a full range of professionals, ranging from sound engineers to location scouts, down the road is reassuring. The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks offers cost-effective and custom-tailored services geared towards every aspect of your broadcasting endeavor

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