We have expanded our DID Coverage

Updated: Dec 10, 2019

Direct Inward Dialing is a special service provided by The eXclusive Group Operated by Reliable Solution Services, and now The eXclusive Group Operated by Reliable Solution Services has expanded its DID coverage to include many other countries and markets. It's now available in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Singapore, South Korea, Nigeria, and Iceland. Residents of these great countries can now effortlessly enjoy voice mail applications that have up to 100 mailboxes.

When somebody dials your number through the DID system, the caller will be instantly sent to a certain, designated mailbox without having to deal with pressing numbers at the dial tone or having to deal with the confusion of voice recognition with an automatic message. The direct number that's dialed of the 100 or so possible numbers goes to your pre-arranged message, so that it seems as though it is a independent phone line that's specifically answering the phone. That can be set up for each of the available mailboxes.

Now that service is available in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Singapore, South Korea, Nigeria, and Iceland, more people than ever can enjoy all the benefits of DID coverage. The benefits include the ability for customers to earn money from the DID coverage. Every voice mail customer can now get a direct, private telephone number that goes straight to their own private mailbox. That creates an enhanced quality of service, increased privacy, and greater convenience.

There's far more to the awesome DID coverage, too. Your valued customers will now be able to forward their personal cell phone number or land line phone number to a private Direct Inward Dialing number. That can provide them many benefits, including the illusion that they have their own business line, and it can be a way for people to conduct private conversations beyond a solo phone number.

That way, when they give the number to someone, it will dial directly into the system. What happens next? The system that you have set up answers just like it was at a remote location of the customer's choosing. The caller gets a customized greeting instead of a bland voice mail greeting or complex menu.

There are so many different ways that DID coverage can be an asset for your business. It can tie in to many different sort of business plans and types of companies. You could offer this service to employees for potential work privacy concerns. Maybe you want to have a courtesy for hotel customers that enables long-term residents to get a private mail box and line. It can even work for larger families who want a similar number, yet maybe you all need private lines for a variety of reasons.

When you are factoring in the importance of DID coverage, it's plethora of features and benefits become crystal clear. Beyond the variety of simple mailboxes, you may opt to also offer a system of sub-mailboxes. Think outside the box, no pun intended. You can actually design many different services from your own DID coverage. There are virtually no limits on the convenient service that can, in turn, empower you to offer your customers so much more.


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