New Year Special!!!

Dear Radio and TV Channel owners,

Now is the right time to broadcast your programs via Satellite. Why not opt in for HOTBIRD satellite's New Year Special during the month of January, 2020.

Top distributors of satellite technology is offering a massive 40% discount for a limited time only.

What makes HOTBIRD so special is that they are the leaders in satellite broadcasting and considered as number one Satellite service in Europe.

Consider the following facts that makes HOTBIRD Satellite the Premium Choice

With HOTBIRD you will experience unprecedented coverage thanks to a platform that delivers over 1,157 channels to close to 120 million households in possession of a TV or Radio.

Just imagine the possibilities as a Radio or TV Channel owner. Thanks to 100% up-time there will be no interruption of services, which will result in happy viewers all over Europe and elsewhere

Wouldn't it be great to guarantee continuous viewing and that at a discounted price to various broadcast markets in North Africa, the Middle East and Europe. All through HOTBIRD

Your viewers will have the added benefit of obtaining access to premium DTH platform in countries such as Greece, Italy and Poland.

Happy customer go a long way. As the owners of a reputed TV or Radio channel, you would want to stand out and known for providing secure access to numerous channels both on TV and Radio

As long as you educate and inform your viewers about the conditions they need to meet to make use of HOTBIRD's technology. They should have a DVB compliant satellite receiver as well as fairly big sized dish that is usually in the region of 90cm.

Due to High Througput Levels, your consumers never have to miss another programme ever.

Boost your viewers confidence by letting them know that HOTBIRD is one of the first satellites that extend coverage throughout the whole of Europe

Speak to a specialist distributor today and discover new markets through the innovative technology of HOTBIRD Satellite services.


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