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Internet onboard or Surfing the web above the clouds.
Wi-Fi on Airplanes: A Step toward the Future


For many years, airline passengers were unable to communicate with those on land because of a ban on mobile devices and the lack of an internet connection that could be used as efficiently as on the ground. But the tide is now turning, and better and more efficient internet technology is being created and improved daily.

One of the newest forms of technology, which allows airline passengers to connect to Wi-Fi during their flights, comes from satellites. Satellites are especially useful when the airplane is flying over the ocean, and a connection to the ground station is impossible to achieve.


Satellite internet connections work through the use of L, C, Ka, or Ku frequency bands, which use a specific satellite as a bridge to connect to the ground station. This makes for a more efficient connection than ever before, and now passengers have access to all their online activities for the duration of the flight.


All this translates to a drastic change in online behavior during flights, especially those where passengers will spend several hours in the air. While many passengers currently use their phone's data plan to answer emails and carry out only the most essential tasks, the availability of a dependable Wi-Fi connection will now allow them to update their status on social media outlets, stream videos, and much more, thus changing the way we approach in-flight activities and other forms of entertainment.


Because this is still a nascent technology, it will be some time before a Wi-Fi connection is available on all planes or adopted by all airlines; and that is precisely our goal, to provide internet support on every airplane that soars through the skies, allowing passengers to find new ways to continue their daily activities as if they had never left the ground, marking the beginning of a new future in telecommunications.

What We Offer


Because The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks uses state of the art VSAT (tiny aperture terminal) technology, airlines and all types of aircraft are presented with the ultimate coverage capacity and reliability while in the air, regardless of whether they are flying over land or the ocean. Thanks to our full expansion and coverage zones, together with the most considerable bandwidth capability, we can offer flexibility that will satisfy all your requirements when you are looking for the perfect VSAT solution for your airliner.


We offer comprehensive airline Wi-Fi services to ensure you receive the most reliable connection, with a variety of plans that go from monthly rates, to pay as you go modes. Our network relies on a wide array of satellites to provide the fastest delivery of a reliable and robust signal, through the use of geostationary satellites that work both in C and Ku frequency bands.


Our services are tailored to provide for all the needs and requirements of our customers when they are in flight. This means we leave nothing to chance and have created worldwide partnerships to ensure the quality of your connection is always optimal and reliable. We have a full team of experts prepared to provide you with real solutions and the newest technology when you are in the air, so give us a call and prepare to experience the difference The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks can make in regards to your airborne internet connection requirements.

The Future Is Now


Now is the time to take the first step towards the future of telecommunications. The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks can offer the highest quality and connection reliability while conforming to international standards. Add value to your airline's service by providing your passengers with a fast connection that will allow them to maintain their business or leisure communication through our satellite is driven internet service.


Call our team of experts and find out what are the options we have for you as you take your passengers to new heights and provide a service that only a few provide today, making your flights increasingly popular and maintaining your business in the public's mind. One of our representatives is standing by now to help you select the most appropriate plan for your specific needs. Because The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks has ventured into the future of communications, we bring the same prospect to you today.

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