Intelsat 11 Satellite at 43.1° West

Intelsat 11 is a GeoStar 2-line satellite located at an orbital location of 43.1°W, (west longitude). Orbital Sciences created the satellite for the US and Luxembourg based Intelsat License LLC of Tysons, Virginia, which manages satellites built for telecommunications. The Intelsat 11 was launched into the orbit using the European built Ariane 5 GS rocket, otherwise referred to as the satellite vehicle/bus from the French Guyana Spaceport of Karou on the ELA 3 rocket launchpad.

The superiority of Intelsat 11


Intelsat is an elliptic geostationary satellite as its perigee is at a low altitude of Low Earth Orbit: The satellite is best suited for Radio, TV, and broadband broadcasting. It has a downlink frequency of 3700-4200MHz highly suitable for high-quality TV content and radio connectivity to remote and even densely populated places. Notably, the Intelsat telecommunications satellite has thirty-four transponders, among them 16 C- & 18 Ku band transponders. Additionally, the satellite covers the regions of continental Americas and Europe with the exceptions of the Polar Zones of Canada, the whole of the United Kingdom, Ireland Isle, Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia, and Iceland.


Our experience in telecommunication service provision


For the last 15 years, The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks has been offering excellent satellite telecommunication services that are second to none. We have been serving the leading global media houses and other clients in areas such as; uplink and downlink services for radios and TV channels broadcasting, teleporting, satellite newsgathering, playout services provision, transmission delay, and, encryption services provision and management.


We offer the best satellites to perfect the broadcasting services of our clients in whichever location they are. Some of our satellites are; Hotbird 13B 13C & 13C, Galaxy 19, Express AM44W, Nilesat 201, Eutelsat 7 West A, Telsat 11N, Astra 1L, and many others. These satellites enable us to perfect our productions of Music Videos, Commercials, Visuals, and Motion pictures, which are usually run on our clients' TV stations, Radios, and Social media pages.


With our partnership and services, streaming of content is seamless, predictable, and reliable. We are, therefore, confident to say that our clients can focus their energy, uncertainties, and resource elsewhere on matters that can develop their business for going-concern purposes.


The Intelsat 11 satellite will enable us to live up to our promise of providing seamless telecommunication broadcasting services to our clients in the following ways; Intelsat serves our clients who were using the now 2011 decommissioned PAS 3R satellite which was used throughout North America, the Caribbean, and South America continents. The Intelsat 11 has a life mission of 15 years.


Improving service delivery


Intelsat 11 will enable The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks to set transmissions on broadbands with bandwidths that can accommodate 16 Ku- and 18 C- bands. The result is that high-quality data, voice, Radio, and TV bands will be received just as they have been sent. We can, therefore, serve the Americas and Europe better and connect and cover even the dense jungles of the Amazons, the remote regions of the Andes, the depths of the Grand Canyon, and the Swiss Alps.




Intelsat 11 will cement the undeniable leadership of The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks in the provision of telecommunication services globally. Hundreds of our clients will have a chance to improve their business profiles in the provision of quality entertainment and information to their audiences. Additionally, with Intelsat, the obscuring of data will be a thing of the past as the bandwidths will be incorruptible.

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