Hotbird 13E Satellite at 13.0° East

The EUTELSAT HOTBIRD 13E satellite is located at 13° East, Eutelsat’s premium video neighborhood for cable and satellite broadcasting in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.


Together with HOTBIRD 13B and 13C, the satellites provide industry-leading levels of security and in-orbit redundancy for broadcast clients at 13° East. Equipped with 64 high-power Ku-band transponders spanning the entire range of 102 Ku-band frequencies at 13 degrees East, the HOTBIRD satellites deliver customers exceptional levels of security for the development of digital entertainment services and HDTV channels.


The HOTBIRD neighborhood is host to 10 premium DTH platforms and broadcasts 1000 television channels, of which 200 HDTV channels, to over 135 million homes. Direct-To-Home reception at the center of the beam is possible with antenna smaller than 70 cm, and with slightly larger antenna throughout Europe, North Africa and as far East as Moscow and Dubai.


HOTBIRD 13E formerly operated as the EUTELSAT 9A satellite at 9° East.  

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