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Global Satellite Distribution

In the digital world of telecommunications, The Global eXpert requires little to no introduction. You may be a beneficiary of some of the services the firm offers and not even know it. The company has established a force to reckon with when it comes to satellite distribution.

As a way of making it vivid, here are just a few things about the company. The venture always does its best to make the client's experience the best there is. The company works hard to ensure that the clients receive the best service that is innovative, making him or her proud of his or her work. All this is only possible, because, as a company, it has some of the best workers out there as well as the advanced state of the art technological equipment. The workers work hand in hand to form one big highly motivated professional team that works like a well-oiled machine.

Some of the services The Global eXpert is well known for are:-

  • Uplink services. It is definitely at the forefront when it comes to satellite uplink services. It integrates the latest technology to ensure that the customers can come up, with the help of the professional staff, with the best strategies, which provide maximum returns for the content provider. It also keeps track of the trends that are coming up in the business world. It further solidifies its customer service prowess in that it provides expert advice when it comes to the uplink services.

  • Downlink services. With downlink service packages that are specific customer targeted, The Global eXpert the ideal satellite services to a company. It is in a position to offer a multi-satellite downlink signal distribution, a multi-channel, multi-transponder, monitoring, and reception for various types of clients. The signal quality is also one that is incomparable. The level of technological know-how applied in the services is also that which stands out as the best. This is because, as a company, it is always on the lookout for technological changes that come about.

  • Teleport services. This is a telecommunications port, whereby it serves as a satellite stationed on the ground and has several antennas to receive and sends broadcast signals. This helps to join all the telecommunications source points into one complex spider web-like connection spectrum. This ensures that all the broadcasters have access to a myriad of communications, and media doing rounds over a wide area over the earth's surface. This service offers the company and the client's flexibility, in the sense that it offers numerous options to go about with the satellite broadcasting business.

  • Turnaround Service. With the uplink and downlink services, the frequency bands travel in straight lines. The Turnaround service is, therefore, paramount, in that it helps to retransmit the signals to other satellites. It acts as some sort of a reflective surface that redirects the frequencies to other destinations.​

On top of the primary services the company provides, it also gives advice to the clients, the broadcasters as they come up with strategic plans on how to deliver content to the rest of the world. The Global eXpert is, therefore, the go-to full-service company, for all your satellite and communication solutions. The firm is a whole package kind of a venture where are your needs, either short term or long term, are catered for in a professional, ethical and friendly manner.

Many would agree that our modern-day society seems to be more interconnected than even just 10 years ago. One can only imagine a world where we didn't have the ability to share, like, tweet, retweet, pin, +1, or otherwise communicate in almost real-time with interested audiences on the other side of the globe.

These days, it seems like a new viral video is shared daily. It's mocked, autotuned, parodied, and sent to every smartphone in any demographic within minutes if not seconds. The same goes for breaking news items on world events, politics, sports, entertainment, and other industries.

That is why it is so crucial to have a trusted partner for all of your satellite communications needs. Without an understanding between the vendor and client, there will bound to be a number of missed opportunities which may mean the difference between having a good quarter and having to update your resume.

Here are 5 questions you should be asking your global satellite distribution partner for your TV and radio content:

1. What are your teleport service capabilities?

If your company has teleporting coverage to multiple continents, then you require a provider that can ensure teleporting coverage to these areas.

The Global eXpert provides teleporting coverage to every continent, and their unmatched service is a tremendous asset for clients requiring multimedia broadcasting and continuous content distribution.

And best of all, the knowledgeable certified experts at The Global eXpert are available 24/7 to answer any of your questions or address any of your concerns, regardless of the time of day.

2. What are you playout services?

Many media companies need to distribute programming to international platforms.

No easy task, especially considering the number of apps and other technologies developed that are continuing to push development and engineering to faster and faster rates of innovation.

Fortunately, The Global eXpert has the playout and turnaround options your company needs to stay in the game.

Since you require unmatched exposure for your channel at a price that will make any CFO proud, then you would be hard-pressed to find a better company than The Global eXpert for the latest in playout services technology.

3. Do you offer any encryption services?

Trojans, worms, black hatters, hackers, and viruses pose a serious threat to compromise your important data and media content.

That's why it's so vital to have a satellite communications services provider that takes encryption and security as important as its core offerings.

The Global eXpert ensures absolute data security with encryption for all of your media content, providing an unbreakable wall of digital security that is unmatched in the industry.

Embedding in individual receivers and using smart cards are not just smart things to do when it comes to proper encryption services for a satellite global communications provider, but The Global eXpert may be called by some in the industry as the gold standard by which other global communications service providers should be measured.

4. What are your broadcasting capabilities, including transmission delay?

If you demand flexibility and a hands-on approach from your satellite broadcasting services provider, then you will be pleased with the full range of broadcast expertise and thought the leadership that will be at your disposal with The Global eXpert.

Your unique media needs are what makes your company unique. Isn't it worth it to go with the proven global communications services provider that continues to provide quality service while leading the charge in innovative broadcasting solutions that continue to be the most cost-effective way of reaching your audience?

If you need to stagger the distribution of media content (particularly important when broadcasting across multiple time zones), then you do not need to look much further than the cutting edge satellite transmission delay services offered by The Global eXpert.

Join over 300 other major international and national media companies who have already found out what makes The Global eXpert the alpha and omega of global broadcast solution providers.

5. What are your satellite capabilities?

News needs to travel on a global scale quickly and accurately. It needs to be delivered to the right audience.

That's exactly why media companies can appreciate the value of having the Outside Broadcast mobile units and Satellite News Gathering vehicles deployed and managed by The Global eXpert.

When news happens, you can rest assured that you will have a crew on the scene as soon as possible. And don't forget the latest exciting developments in 3D satellite distribution and television broadcasting!

If you want to stay ahead of your competition in the realm of 3D satellite distribution of content, then your best move is to take a closer look at the capabilities of The Global eXpert to see how to take advantage of this burgeoning technology is becoming more popular every day.

Build bridges, not walls.

The Global eXpert is that bridge to get your TV or radio station from where you are to where you need to be (worldwide) and when it needs to be there (now).

When it comes to satellite communications providers, you have a choice to make amongst a number of reputable companies. However, only one can provide the all-hands-on-deck demands you face with your media content.

That clear choice in a full-service global communications partner is The Global eXpert.