Galaxy 19
97° West

Galaxy 19 is located at an orbital location 97.0°W, (west longitude) and its satellite bus (Vehicle) was ES-1300. It was launched by the US and operated by Intelsat. It is an example of a geostationary satellite majorly for television and radio broadcasting.

Galaxy 19 is typically a 24 C- and Ku- band transponders and covers North America, where it serves United States, Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. The satellite was launched on 24th September 2008 on the Western Hemisphere.

At GNRS, we guarantee your viewers, listeners and broadband users seamless services that are all-time supported with the best team of professionals. We stream content via finest satellites. A number of channels are transmitted via Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W to reach a wide audience in the North America regions reliably.

Galaxy 19 has a design life of 15 years and was launched to replace Galaxy 25, which was nearing its design life; the clients of Galaxy 25 were transferred to Galaxy 19. Galaxy 19 has a receiver redundancy of 4 for 2 and beaconed 3700.5 MHz (H) and 4199.5 MHz (V).

Deliver with true broadband

GMRS set out your transmissions on true broadband be it data, voice, TV or radio. We set some frequencies at Ku- and c- broadband to maintain the high notch of quality on reception ends.

The transmission on different bands and satellite help us deliver to the furthest, most remote and inaccessible on the world with sure magnificent signals. GMRS uses Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W to reach and hit this wildest target with the possible greatest signals.

Bulky data requires specifications that need well-endowed satellites to reach target destinations. GMRS handles such magnitude of data from different stations efficiently and ensures reliable and safe transmissions.

Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W has fleet broadband such as Ku-band and c-bands. This satellite has high power Ku-band transponders to ensure a wider transmission of data and video applications.

Next-generation satellite

Technology rivalry and the need to reach the broadest audience are setting a new pace in the communication sector. Reliability, efficiency and bringing the overhead costs down remains the biggest drive-in evolving the technology to address this and more.

GMRS is a leading player and keeps a breath of the inventions and innovations that emanate the market. We deliver the best and latest technology. Some of the latest technologies are used in frequency transmission at Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W.

Obstruction of data transmission is likely high on such a magnitude of our customer base and the diversity of their needs. We have the best technical equipment that eases the work of our technocrats and still maintain the highest quality.

Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W satellite offers additional monitoring of automatic satellite roaming and remote antenna monitoring to enhance reliability. Reliable Signals for Clients at Satellite Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W Galaxy 19 at 97.0°W satellite enables easy transfer of voice and data everywhere in North America at any time making us the most preferred in telecommunication solutions. We enable you to deploy end-to-end managed services speedily, reliably and all-time efficiently.

GMRS reaches the North America audience via Galaxy 19 satellite. The satellite also allows internet connectivity via broadband connectivity. This allows people in remote areas to easily access internet connectivity.