Fiber Optic

You generally hear about fiber-optic lines when people are conversing about the Internet, telephone systems, or television broadcasting. These lines are comprised of optically pure glass that is as thin as the human hair. However, these lines can carry digital information and data over extremely long distances. These lines are also heavily used in mechanical engineering inspection and medical imaging.


How Fiber-Optics Function


These lines use a special method of transmission that works by carrying light pulses through these special optical fibres. The light then forms what is known as an electromagnetic carrier wave. This wave is what is responsible for carrying the data and information over the lines. The technology was initially created in the 1970s. Since then, it has been primarily responsible for revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. It has also been a key player in bringing about the current Information age.


Fiber-optic lines have a definite advantage over copper wire. This is the reason why optical fibers have replaced copper wire communications in major networks throughout the developed world.

Fiber-Optics and Our Network


Our network includes an integrated fibre network. Our network possesses more than 15 POPS that are interconnected with major global telecommunications providers. We can provide reliable connections so customers can take advantage a completely managed service with global end-to-end connectivity. We maintain a 24/7/365 uptime with integrated support solutions. We can also provide ad-hoc service to fibre as well as the satellite connection.

Network Remote Monitoring


Our system network management tools can enable your entire network to be monitored from remote locations from our network operations centre. This provides our customers with real-time support and monitoring throughout the complete service route. This includes satellite uplinks, fibre routes, and headend equipment, as well. Some of these valuable tools include:


Central Management and Monitoring Systems


This system is responsible for sending real-time indicators and alarms that relay information about overall system performance.


Management and Control


IP switching, routing, and network access blocks in the network infrastructure can be easily managed from any location.

Monitoring and Analysis


The generated video, audio, and MPEG transport streams can be regularly monitored and analyzed.


Service-Oriented Event Management


This system is connected to all other OSS and element managers in the network to provide support for end-to-end business processes.


Network Management Tools


These controls are designed to handle decoding, encoding, and multiplexing of all the installed equipment throughout the entire network.


We have been established in the EU since 2003. We have experienced a steady stream of growth and we a global operator. Our fiber optics services are provided with the utmost care and quality. We have built a presence for our company among global leading satellite broadcasting companies. We desire to explore new horizons and have integrated unique approaches for managing and broadcasting content by delivering flexible and innovative services.

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