Express AM 6 Satellite at 53.0° East

Express AM6 is also known as the Ekspress AM6. The satellite orbital location is 53°E, (East longitude). U.S. Maxar Technologies and Russian ISS Reshetnev manufactured the satellite in 2014. The satellite is currently owned and managed by the Russian State Company for Satellite Communications(RSCS) based in Moscow, Russia. The Express AM6 (53°E) was launched into the orbit using the Russian build Proton M rocket manufactured by Krunichev. The satellite launch into orbit took place on 21st October 2014 from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. The satellite weighed 3358 kilograms at the time.


The Express AM6 (53°E) in detail


The satellite was manufactured to replace the now decommissioned Ekspress AM22. The satellite had a total of 24 transponders and was on the orbital location of 80° East. The satellite was mostly inefficient due to its limited capacity to cope with the ultra-high-speed need for the modern world. It served Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Much of Russia.


The Express AM6 (53°) satellite is a geostationary satellite as its perigee is at an altitude of 35,799 Kilometres -Medium Earth Orbit: The satellite is made for Radio, TV and broadband broadcasting. The satellite's transponders are 40 Ku-band, 30 C-band, 2 L-band and 12 Ka-band, 12.1 kW of payload power powers them. In addition to this feature, the satellite has eleven antennas for the four transponders. Express AM6 has a lifespan of 15 years from the date of launch.


This satellite serves Central Europe and the Middle East up to the Ural Mountains. The satellite's 72 band transponders make it superior and dominant. Therefore, the satellite can support ultra-high-speed broadband internet, radio and digital TV broadcasts, mobile and satellite telecommunication as well as generic video conferencing.


Proof of The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks Commitment to serving delivery


The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks the last 20 years of our dedicated service to the world have given us the advantage of experience. We have walked the journey with the retail telecommunication industry and seen how the needs of the sector are ever dynamic. The world currently needs the best of services in telecommunications on areas such as; High precision Digital TV service provision, teleconferencing and video conferencing, Journalism reporting, connecting places and most importantly providing ultra-high-speed interned broadbands to meet the browsing needs of this age.


To ensure that our services touch all the corners of the world, we provide satellite services that cover much of the earth- This is the reason why we have introduced the Express AM6 satellite to serve the regions of Central Europe and Russia that have been largely ignored in the past by satellite service providers. With the new satellite, we will reposition Central Europe and the Middle East to be the focal point in the world's telecommunication by providing global telecommunications linkages.


Express AM6 (53°E) satellite will enable us to provide telecommunication firms with superior teleporting services, downlink services, uplink services and video conferencing.

It will be possible for telecommunication service providers in Central Europe and the Middle East to get quality services with superior Uplink and Downlink capabilities not to forget playout services, internet broadband services, and video conferencing.



The Express AM6 (53°E) satellite will position The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks as an ultimate telecommunication service provider in these regions. We intend to walk together with our clients in this region in their quest to develop their telecommunication enterprises.

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