Eutelsat KA-Sat 9A Satellite at 9.0° East

The Eutelsat KA-SAT 9A satellite is a super satellite that provides Internet broadband services. The spacecraft is located on the orbital longitude of 9° East. The satellite is both a geostationary and geocentric satellite. By geocentric, we mean that the satellite can rotate around the earth just like the moon. By geostationary, we suggest that the spacecraft can turn as per the earth's direction and speed. Such a satellite, with two orbital parameters, is considered highly powerful and efficient as it can serve vast swaths of the earth as teleports can be adjusted as per their location.

EASD Astrium of Paris, France manufactured the Eutelsat KA-SAT 9A at 9.0° East. Eutelsat S.A. of Paris, France operates the satellite. The satellite was launched into space using the Proton M Russian rocket at Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan by the International Launch Service company. The total weight at the time of launch was 6,150 kilograms.


This satellite serves the following regions

  • Europe excluding Greenland, and the Asian part of Russia

  • Sections of North African countries in Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, and Morocco.

  • The Near East excluding Jordan

  • Sections of the Middle East in lower eastern Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar.


The internet broadband satellite was produced to complement the Eurobird 9A satellite located at orbital longitude 9.0° East. In contrast to the Eutelsat KA-SAT 9A, Eurobird 9A served Europe only.


Powerful features of the satellite


The satellite is a High throughput capable: The Eutelsat KA-SAT 9A has a highly developed frequency reuse system and can transmit data with speeds of up to 90 Gbits/s. It is the most advanced spot beam satellite with 82 spot beams. The spot beams enable the satellite to transport data with speeds of up to 475 Mbits/s. The spot beams have potent transponders.

The satellite has a use span of 16 years.

Eutelsat Ka-Sat 9A can provide commercial internet broadband services in over a million homes via its two earth fixed satellites(teleports).


Eutelsat Ka-Sat 9A equips The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks with the capacity to break new frontiers in service provision


The throughput capacity of 90 Gbits/s will provide us with the ability to provide high-speed internet to our clients in Europe, The Middle East, North Africa, and the near east through our Satellite internet service provision.

The satellite has two earth satellites that are capable of providing internet service to over a million homes. Therefore, The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks can diversify the client base from large media houses and telecommunication services retail providers to individual homes in need of ultra-highspeed internet. 

The powerful Ka-Band transponders will enable us to provide our clients in Europe with cheap, reliable and affordable internet broadband as the satellite is powerful. 

The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks will be at the center of success stories for many customers enterprises and organizations as the faster internet drives growth, innovation, and innovation through research, collaboration, communication, and capital


Data satellite services will significantly be boosted in Europe and surrounding regions as the high capacity bandwidth networks will be supported through this satellite.



We are an ultimate network service provider as we always upgrade our satellites to meet the current needs of our clients. In this age of the internet, the world is fast-paced, and all this change is internet driven. Eutelsat KA-SAT 9A satellite will enable our clients to reach their potential in their respective internet data-intensive ventures.

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