You Accept The Following Provisions.


No element, neither on the websites nor in the newsletter sent by Reliable Solution Services, can be deemed a binding offer to a visitor of the websites, or to the reader of the newsletter. If in exceptional cases Reliable Solution Services wishes to make a binding offer via the websites or the newsletter, Reliable Solution Services shall declare this clearly and unambiguously. Should there be any doubts about this, the visitor must assume that Reliable Solution Services does not wish to make a binding offer.


Reliable Solution Services rejects any liability whatsoever for information retrieved from the Reliable Solution Services websites or newsletter. This only excludes a report that shows Reliable Solution Services has the copyright or originates from Reliable Solution Services. Reliable Solution Services has no control over the information stored on external servers, services with public access, Usenet news servers, discussion forums, chat rooms, etc. The information on the Reliable Solution Services websites can change at any time. Reliable Solution Services cannot guarantee that this information is complete or up to date. Visitors use it at their own risk. Reliable Solution Services shall not be responsible for the quality of goods or services ordered via the portal, in particular not concerning accuracy, completeness, topicality, legality, usefulness, availability and timely delivery of which are provided via the portal. Any liability by Reliable Solution Services is excluded. This is regardless of whether Reliable Solution Services offers the services itself or merely collects payment of third party receivables from the customer. Reliable Solution Services may forward the MSISDN (telephone number) to the technical partner in question and the exclusive third-party service provider/licensor.


It should be assumed that the information accessible via the Reliable Solution Services websites and newsletter is protected by copyright and may be used for commercial purposes only with the consent of the copyright holder and against remuneration. Purchased content may only be used by the customer on the mobile phone to which such content was downloaded. No copies of the content may be made. Furthermore, no sub-licenses may be issued or rights in any way transferred to third parties. Furthermore, neither the content, nor any material it is based on, which constitutes a part of an element of the content may be modified, altered, changed, separated or returned to an earlier stage, or corrected. No brand names of any licensors may be used. Any liability by third parties/licensors is excluded.