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Data Distribution via Satellite is an integral component of a global communication system, satellites provide a vast network of connectivity. The data gathered from satellites are distributed to entertainment, business, financial and security clients. A global enterprise offering data distribution via satellite, The Global eXpert has offered end-to-end turn-key solutions for satellite needs for over ten years. Offices in Europe and North America oversees a wide range of services including data, voice, video and audio transmission.


Satellites transmit information from a terrestrial source by uplink to the satellite, then back to Earth by downlink. The confidentiality and security of direct uplink and downlink is a measure of the effectiveness of the communication provider. Industries rely on satellite transmission because it is cost-effective, reliable and safe.


Data that is distributed over a satellite network is encrypted to ensure it reaches only its intended target. The Global eXpert uses state-of-the-art, powerful encryption technology to safeguard data distribution. Sometimes called “scrambling,” digital data is jumbled so that it cannot be interpreted or used in any way. A personal encryption consultation identifies the best methods for each client.


Thousands of companies and governments around the world use satellites as a safety net for critical data distribution and communication, such as:


Financial Institutions


The daily operation of financial operations requires secure platforms in which precise data transmission is not interrupted or delayed. Data centers receive the transmission from both land-based networks and satellite transmission. During a land-based route failure, a satellite circuit must act rapidly to prevent the loss of user activity.


Military Forces


Military operations rely on satellite communications to enable and enhance military capability. Requiring protected data distribution that cannot be intercepted, satellite data distribution supports communication requirements that are not met by ground-based systems. Satellites are used in mission-essential actions to navigate, target and engage the enemy, anticipate the weather, and support forces with the assets available from space. The military also uses data distribution via satellite to maintain an advantage over an enemy. Data distribution is so important that space is viewed as a vertical extension of the battlefield.


Petrol Stations


The modern petrol station suits the needs of customers in a variety of locations. Processing and ordering inventory, customer payment, and securing payroll data protects a business, its vendors and its customers from identity theft. Data distribution via satellite allows the data to be analyzed and evaluated between remote and central offices, saving time and money. It requires rapid, encrypted transmission.


The Global eXpert is a leader in providing instant connectivity via satellite communication and recognizes the relevance of satellite communication for media and data distribution. Experience, innovation, dedication, and affordability are the hallmarks of The Global eXpert as they work to improve the transmission of data using a wide range of satellite services.

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