Broadcasting Services

Attention to Broadcasting

Creating a Global Community

Imagine a world where everyone is intricately connected through a complex satellite network. This network transcends oceans, continents, and national borders. It connects and serves people without discriminating based on race, religion, or political views. It is a world without limits. A world united. That is the kind of world that The Global eXpert envisions.

How It All Started

The Global eXpert incredible quality and dedication quickly spread, attracting a much wider customer base. In just 15 years, The Global eXpert has expanded dramatically and has a presence in virtually every corner of the globe. The company works tirelessly to help major media groups further enhance the services they offer by using the most advanced digital platforms and cutting edge media technology.

The People Behind the Name

One of the primary things that make The Global eXpert stand out from other satellite broadcasting service providers is its outstanding staff. Everyone who is part of The Global eXpert family is dedicated to the company's mission, experienced in satellite broadcasting, and determined to provide excellent service to each and every customer. They not only want to meet your expectations, but they also want to exceed them. And all methods are extremely cost-effective, to provide you the best quality service at an affordable price.

What Sets The Global eXpert Apart


The Global eXpert appreciates the fact that we live in an ever-changing world that is capable of producing new technology at breakneck speed. The company prepares for the inevitability of future innovation by anticipating forthcoming technologies. The Global eXpert pays special attention to trends in customer needs and feedback to inspire new directions for satellite broadcasting and distribution technologies. The Global eXpert knows what you need before you even request it.

Collaborative minded

The Global eXpert doesn't want to simply provide you with a service; they want to work with you and your company to optimize your broadcasting ability. The Global eXpert offers comprehensive consolatory service and will work with you to create individualized, strategic business plans based on your unique goals and vision. Major national and international media companies have already chosen to place their trust in The Global eXpert and have had great success as a result.

The Services Provided by The Global eXpert

Regardless of your particular satellite broadcasting and distribution needs, The Global eXpert can provide you with the specific services you need to be successful. These include:

Teleport services for radio and TV

The Global eXpert boasts teleporting coverage to all seven continents. Their service is virtually unmatched for customers seeking multimedia broadcasting and continuous content distribution. To ensure service quality, experts at The Global eXpert are available at any hour to answer your questions and address your concerns.

Playout services

The Global eXpert offers a full range of playout and turnaround options. Top-quality, high definition playout services allow customers to distribute media programming to international platforms. If you want your channel to get unprecedented exposure at an affordable price, The Global eXpert can help make your vision a reality.

Encryption services

To ensure that all of your media content is completely secure, The Global eXpert offers encryption options which include embedding in an individual receiver or through the use of a smart card. The Global eXpert only allows media content to travel where their customer dictates.

Transmission delay

Satellite transmission delay services allow for the staggered distribution of media content. This helps broadcasters manage programs, particularly in circumstances involving multiple time zones. More than 300 major international and national media companies have already discovered the superior broadcasting available through The Global eXpert.


The Global eXpert promises flexibility and understanding of your satellite broadcasting needs. Even if your broadcasting request comes at the last minute, The Global eXpert will be willing to work with you to address your unique media needs. And all broadcasting solutions are guaranteed to be cost-effective.

Satellite newsgathering

The Global eXpert will be on the scene and broadcasting news for you by utilizing its Outside Broadcast mobile units and Satellite News Gathering vehicles.

3D satellite distribution

3D television broadcast is an exciting new media frontier that is growing by the day. The Global eXpert is helping you keep up with this innovation by offering 3D satellite distribution to its customers.

The list of satellite broadcasting and distribution services offered by The Global eXpert goes on and on! Browse the site for more detailed information on these services.