3D Satellite Solutions

The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks is at the forefront of technology making 3D television a reality as this new innovation continues to make massive strides.


The 3D Television viewing experience is gaining momentum. Manufacturers, broadcasters, content creators, and encoding specialists are actively working on and developing 3D solutions for television viewing. The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks is devoted to helping make this a reality for your station.


This technology enhances the consumer viewing experience. 3D TV has the ability to open up many exciting and profitable opportunities for pay television operators and broadcasters. This technology is also heavily benefitting the film industry that is already slowly moving towards digitization.


By using the standard encoding techniques, our organization is incorporating traditional satellite modulation technology with MPEG-4 to multiplex two viewing streams. One of these streams is filmed from the left, while the other stream is filmed from the right. This replicates the views from both the left and right eyes. This combined signal is transmitted to a consumer's HDTV and then received by the television monitor that is equipped with an integrated decoder.


Transmission Capabilities for High Definition (HD) Playout

It doesn't matter if your station's focus is on full-time programming of HD television offerings, or occasional use. We have the technology and the knowledge to assist you in creating and delivering HD content for your station.

HD is required for entertaining and sports programming. We are leaders in our field. We offer a comprehensive set of HD playout services as well as specialized transmission capabilities. This includes 12 streams simultaneously delivering multiplexing, encrypting, decoding, and encoding of transmissions.


Our HD transmissions services also enable you to insert multiple languages into streams just prior to retransmitting and distributing the streams. Conversion to and from HD and standard definition is included.


We offer complete HD teleportation and we expand this complete technology solution for everyone we serve.


High Definition Production of Outside Broadcasts and News Gathering


We offered customized services for our newsgathering and broadcasting services to meet your station's varied shooting needs. Our HD equipment is comprehensive and our units can provide you with the latest technological advancements. When you pair this with our stellar convenience and versatility, you'll discover the advantages behind our effective and efficient broadcasting capabilities.


3D Transmission Services


The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks advanced 3D digital services are rapidly growing. We are the number one provider, with no other company offering services to compare to ours. Our experts have extensive experience in broadcasting the highest resolution 3D signals for special broadcasts, programming, sports, and music to television viewers.

As this technology continues to advance, The Global eXclusive Satellite Telecommunication Services & Fiber Optic Networks will continue to be at the forefront in bringing viewers the highest resolution experience available.


Consumers are beginning to demand 3D transmission services as they are realizing how much this technology is transforming the television viewing experience. Don't be left behind as other stations rush to bring this advancement to their repertoire. Your station can take advantage of this evolving technology as well.


Contact us for more information regarding this exciting and innovative opportunity to gain more viewers and increase your station's profitability by adding 3D viewing opportunities to your programming schedule. Your viewers are counting on you for a more pleasurable and entertaining television viewing experience. What are you waiting for?

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